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  Providing the
right environment, infrastructure and support systems
for demanding companies when
it comes to
translating their
vision to reality.
Flinth Industrial Park Swedish holding company Swedcord Development Kadawatha Sri Lanka
Rune Flinth  Founder and Chairman Welcome to Flinth Industrial Park.

Here I have tried to make a dream come true, to create an environment which gives the companies freedom to focus on production and realisation of their visions and missions.

This is a total concept based on my own experience of 40 years as an entrepreneur and businessman. People shall focus on what they are skilled at and no one is skilled in everything.

I know that my ideas really work. That I have proven over the years, most recently through the creation of the Toroid Group, now a part of the Noratel Group, and the Flintec Group, now owned by Indutrade, a Swedish holding company.

I look upon the companies in the Park as my special guests and I select them personally.
They will be supported by specialists whom I also have selected. They will get the same support that I want my companies to enjoy.

The management of the companies, the specialists and all other employees in the Park are âmy Sri Lankan familyâ and I will do what I can to keep my family happy.

Rune Flinth
Founder and Chairman